Each summer when our garden centre operations wind down, we transform our Greenhouses & Park into a beautiful wedding facility. 

At SpringBreak we have two stunning settings; outdoors in our Park or indoors in our historic Glass Greenhouse. Most couples choose to have an outdoor ceremony; however if weather does not permit, we have a “plan b” indoor option. And what makes our place absolutely irresistible … the decision to hold the ceremony indoors or out can be made as late as two-hours ahead of the ceremony!

Wedding bookings are available from June through to the end of September each year.


SpringBreak Floral

Another big plus to getting married at the flower farm is all the floral! SpringBreak provides close to 260 floral baskets and containers with a retail value of over $15,000, as well as water fountains, tress and shrubbery.  No further decorating is required; however, you are more than welcome to add your own personal touches.


SpringBreak B&B

Our B&B is a large beautifully appointed home with three double-occupancy guest rooms – the perfect spot for out-of-town guests, or the wedding party to prepare and dress for the ceremony.


SpringBreak Venue

The wedding venue will comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests. The venue is completely set up for you… you just need to  show up and enjoy your day!