Each spring we offer a varieity of gardening related  workshops.  

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Growing interests...

Our Perennials are all Zone 3 hardy, with the exception of a few Zone 4 varieties we know will grow here in the Pass. 

We are very proud of our Roses; started early in the spring from bare root in 5 gallon pots.  We have an amazing assortment for you to choose from. Our roses are extremely healthy and prolific bloomers. 

We offer a large assortment of Herbs & Veggies – suitable for both gardens or Patio Pots.

Our outdoor nursery is filled with Trees & Shrubs suitable for Zone 3.  

We are very proud of our skilled and knowledgeable employees - they know what it takes to provide excellent customer service and they do it day in and day out.

Custom Containers


Want a tip on how to make your patio time a little more joyful and summer seem just a little bit longer?!  Bring us your empty containers early in the spring... we fill them for you with your favorite plants and colours.  The plants then get to take root and fill out the container in the beautiful greenhouse heat.  You take them home early June all full and lush, and ready to put on a spectacular show!  

Don't have a container? We have one for you!

* Please note, containers must come into the greenhouse empty and clean - no soils from the previous year please.

Special Event Containers


Planning a back yard wedding, family reunion, or maybe just a good 'ol Saturday BBQ?  Why not decorate your space with flowers and plants!  Floral adds charm and warmth to any space... we can help you custom design colour and foliage schemes and provide you with tips on camouflaging unsightly outdoor elements (it is really, literally camo at its finest!). 

 Our knowledgeable growers will work with you to select the perfect flowers to match your event.